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The North Mesa Potter's House was founded in January of 2000.Our church has been steadily growing for nearly 20 years and we have seen many decisions made for Christ. 

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Pastor Gabriel & Lisa Ramirez

For 10 years Pastor Gabriel & Lisa labored in North Mesa. In 2010 they were asked to go back to their mother church to help assist and they accepted the will of God. During that time Pastor Gabriel was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma cancer. Pastor Gabriel was healed from cancer, and today uses this trial as a testimony of God's healing & faith. After assisting for 3 years, Pastor and Lisa returned to the North Mesa Potter's House and have served here faithfully. They have a vision for world evangelism and the harvest field. 


The North Mesa Potter's House is a Bible-based, Spirit-filled, nondenominational family of believers. Our pastor and staff count it a privilege to welcome you to our church and minister to your spiritual needs. Ushers are available before, during and after each service to answer your questions and help guide you. All of our services have a unique structure of Worship, Prayer, the Message, and an Alter Call. There is an opportunity in every service to make Christ the Lord of your life. 

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